Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wednesday November 29, 2017

What I accomplished today:
DDS appointment a.m. w/o taking anxiety pill.  Found a quiet place to read in a hotel lobby area! Read for 30 minutes. (Happy moment) Bus home. Made fabulous lunch: salad influenced by Paris. Washed dishes. Went to job- showed studios to two people. Saw the floor where everyone has been evicted (1/2 of the floor where I have a studio) very depressing. It looks like a war zone. Empty. Change taking place. Took more stuff out of the studio to take back home to my apartment. Last few days before I lose access to the elevator. Drove home. Light dinner. Washed Face, brushed teeth. Wrote in my journal. Grateful for: bandaids, ice packs for inflamed shoulder, bed, pillow, comforter, nail clippers, glasses, hair clips.

Where I am Stuck: can’t seem to carve out any time for art making at the moment.

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